Quartz Counter Pictures

Choosing the options you want with your vanity can be difficult.  We realize that for the counters the little swatches that are shown on the vanity page aren't always enough to make your decision.  We created the Options Video to help you select your vanity top, but again it is hard to get a really good idea of what it will look like on a vanity.  We have pictures that we have taken over time of all the different counters that we offer. The picture may show them on a different vanity then you are purchasing but hopefully it will help you see the counter better. We realize they aren't perfect as lighting and reflections from nearby objects can impact the image, as do the settings on your computer, but we hope these pictures help.

Quartz counters include a backsplash and two side splash pieces that are in the same material - even if not shown in the pictures below.  A good resource is the photo gallery that shows the vanities installed. Often those photos show the backsplash with the quartz counters. The backsplash and sidesplashes are not attached so you don't need to use them if you have other plans for your design. For guidance on installing the counter and backsplashes see the Vanity Installation Guide.

The quartz is 2 cm thick and comes with the sink attached.

Not all counters shown below are available for each vanity. The vanity page  shows only counters that are currently in stock. Some counters below may be offered for your vanity but are currently not showing on the vanity page as it isn't in stock. You can always email us to check if it will be available in the near future.

White Quartz

This quartz does not have flecks or pattern and is a creamy white


Marbelized Quartz

Our marbelized quartz has a creamy white base with a marble pattern in varying shades of grey. The amount of marbling can vary.

quartz with marble design


Snow Quartz

The snow quartz has very small brownish flecks.

 snow quartz

Grey Swirl Quartz

The grey swirl counter is a base with grey hues that has large swirls of varying shades of grey.

Grey swirl counter

Mini Nougat Quartz

This quartz has small flecks of browns and greys.  It will pick up the colours around it and if you have grey walls you will notice the greys whereas some other colours would pull out the browns. The flecks are subtle but enough that you don't notice finger prints as much as you might with white or grey quartz.

Mini Nougat Quartz

Grey / White Quartz

We realize this isn't a great name for the quartz but it was what our supplier used and to be honest I couldn't come up with anything that describes it better. It is a very soft grey quartz with a white marble design. The counter is shinier then some of our other options.